Fit For Work provides Occupational Medicine Specialist Services throughout New Zealand.

Our team of doctors and supporting administrators are passionate about the role that work plays in people’s lives and the value it has for their own and their family’s health.

We work with employers and TPAs, insurance companies, ACC and GPs to help people return to work after illness or injury. We believe in the health benefits of good work, and partner with employers and GPs to positively influence health in the workplace… MORE

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We make a difference by supporting those who have a vested interest in helping people return to work, particularly the 10% who do not return as would be expected. These risk becoming influenced by system issues and psychosocial factors and ending up as long term beneficiaries.

Employers and GPs could be working together to influence health, but there are no clear lines of communication and tensions can occur around the potential conflicts associated with medical certification. We can facilitate that communication.

The new Health and Safety at Work Act has been driven by the need to manage the health risk of workplace hazards leading to death and injury. We can help mitigate that risk, but also point out that the workplace can be seen as somewhere to positively influence the health of workers, particularly in view of the aging workforce and international epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease… MORE

  • Occupational Medicine Assessment
  • Pathways To Work® – Rehabilitation for complex cases
  • Occupational Medicine Consultancy
  • General Practice Support and Occupational Health Service Development… MORE

Whether you are a Case Manager, H&S, HR, healthcare professional or GP, share your issue with us to allow us to offer solutions.